What Does It Take To Become An Electrician

What it takes to become an Electrician- A look at the requirements


Electricians have a difficult job, which requires working with a lot of dangerous equipment and a lot of technical expertise. This is why becoming an electrician is a relatively lengthy process and individuals have to complete many years of classroom training and practical experience requirements to achieve their goals of becoming electricians.

The general career progression of an electrician is from an apprentice to a journeyman electrician and then from a journeyman to a master electrician. Each stage has its particular requirements and you must become familiar with these so that you can start working on fulfilling them. This article looks at the overall career progression for electricians and also discusses what a resume of an apprentice electrician, a journeyman electrician and a master electrician should look like.


A look at an electrician’s career

The first thing that you must do is complete your high school education and get your diploma or anything equivalent to a GED since this is the most basic requirement for an individual to become an electrician in any state in the US. You must also be 18, have a valid driver’s license and social security number, a drug free background and your own electrical tools.


Once you meet the above-mentioned criteria, you will be eligible to start your apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is perhaps the best period for electricians to develop their skills and learn under the supervision of licensed electricians and master electricians. Individuals are required to complete a particular number of hours of classroom education and work experience in order to complete their apprenticeship and this period is usually three to five years long.


It is crucial that you enroll in an electrician training school or take online courses and find a relevant apprenticeship so that you can get the necessary experience as soon as possible. You must also try to familiarize yourself with all the codes such as the National Electric Code (NEC) during this period so that you do not face problems later. Some states also require being licensed to work as an apprentice so it is important that you find out your state specific requirements.


Apprentice Electrician Resume

Since an apprentice electrician is responsible to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems, they must have a basic understanding of these processes before they start the apprenticeship. Here is a sample apprentice electrician resume. Therefore, when you submit your resume make sure that it is updated, shows that you have a basic knowledge of electrical material, your previous educational achievements, and your expectations with this apprenticeship.

As soon as you complete your apprenticeship, you must get licensed because without being liscensed you will not be allowed to work as an electrician in any state of the US. There are a number of licenses offered in different states in the US so you can choose the one which suits your abilities, however the most common and recognized one is the journeyman license. You must submit an application and once it is approved, pass an exam in order to get your journeyman license.


Journeyman Electrician Resume

A journeyman electrician’s resume is a bit more comprehensive compared to that of an apprentice electrician’s because this position requires more experience and skills. It is important that you mention your experience, which will approximately be of four years as an apprentice, you must also list your key skills, specialties, and the electrical codes you are aware of. Your educational achievements must also be highlighted and you can do so by mentioning where you got your high school diploma from, the electrician training school you were a part of and any other relevant educational achievements should also be mentioned.

You must work for at least five to eight years as a licensed electrician so that you can try to become a master electrician. Once you have the relevant experience, to become a master electrician you must fill and submit an application and pass the relevant exams once the application gets approved to get your license. The license also has continuing education requirements, which you must fulfill to get it renewed so make sure you are well aware of that.


Master Electrician Resume

A master electrician’s resume is the most extensive since this individual has the most professional and educational experience and qualifications. It should cover all the things the individual is an expert at and the things he or she has achieved before becoming a master electrician and what makes them qualified enough to become a master electrician, which is a relatively difficult job with a more comprehensive job description compared to that of an apprentice or licensed electrician.

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