How to Become and Electrician in Colorado

Becoming an Electrician in Colorado


For those with an interest in building construction and problem-solving, becoming an electrician can be a great career. While it takes much training and experience to advance to master electrician, the career path offers the chance to enhance one’s skills by progressing from apprentice to master electrician. If you’re living in Colorado and want to become an electrician, there are many important steps to follow.


Colorado offers three types of electrician certificates which are:

  • Residential wire man
  • Journeyman electrician
  • Master electrician

To find out the training requirements of each, you should visit the Electrical Board of Colorado website at Training involves classroom instruction and on-the-job training, letting students put skills learned in the classroom to the test in real-world situations.
To be accepted into an apprenticeship program, you must apply in person at the CSEJATC office. Requirements include having a high school diploma or GED, along with bringing copies of transcripts proving you passed an algebra course. If accepted, you are then scheduled to take the NJATC apprenticeship test battery, which consists of two tests. There is no charge for these exams, and if all goes well you can begin an apprenticeship position soon thereafter. You can find a sample exam here.To be a good electrician, you should have an aptitude for math and science. These classes can be taken in high school, college or through an apprenticeship program. Schools offering electrician training in Colorado include Ashworth College and Penn Foster Career School. However, most electricians learn the trade through apprenticeship programs. To find out about these, visit the Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee of Colorado Springs website at


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Generally, electrical apprenticeships last 3-5 years before becoming a journeyman electrician. For this to happen, you must contact the Electrical Board of Colorado to take the electrical licensing exam, which costs $76 and takes up to 5 hours to complete. Journeyman electricians can then work for several years before taking an exam to become a master electrician. Once again, an exam needs to be passed. This exam can cost up to $300, and even after passing it continuing education is required yearly to keep up with changes in building codes and other regulations. However, if you can pass all the tests, you’ll have job security with a high salary and your choice of working for others or for yourself. So while it’s lots of hard work, the long term returns can be great.

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