How to Become an Electrician in Wyoming

How to Become an Electrician in Wyoming


If you are interested in the electrician profession, you should start off by talking to people who are already in this profession to get an inside look at what it takes to be an electrician. Once you are reasonably convinced that this is the perfect career option for you, then it is important that you look into the complete process of becoming an electrician. The following is a brief outline of what one must do to become an electrician in Wyoming.

The career path of an electrician in Wyoming is quite simple. You start as an apprentice, then you work in the supervision of a master electrician, and then finally you become the master electrician or contractor. However, before you begin you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, a drug free background and a valid driver’s license.

If you fulfill these requirements, you can then enroll in an apprenticeship program. This will be beneficial for you, as you will be working under the supervision of professionals; in this way, you can learn many valuable skills that can be useful later in your career. Enrolling into electrician training schools or online courses is also important, so that you have enough classroom training. However, it is important that you enroll only in courses accredited by the licensing approving board of Wyoming. Many electrician training schools like Central Wyoming College and organizations such as the Wyoming Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Center offer apprenticeship opportunities. The apprenticeship must be of four years and you must be registered with the Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety as an apprentice within ten days of the start of your apprenticeship as an apprentice electrician. You must re-register each year before September 1, by submitting the relevant documents and fees. You will also need to supply your own tools for your apprenticeship.


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Once you complete your apprenticeship, you must get licensed, so that you can perform your duties as an electrician in Wyoming legally. The licenses are all approved by the Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety department. The licenses available include: Master Electrician, Journeyman Electrician, Limited Technician, Electrical Contractor, Limited/Low Voltage Contractor, Limited/Low Voltage Apprentice.

The general process of getting a license is to first become eligible for it by completing all the requirements and then fill the relevant application. Then, you have to submit it with all the relevant documents. Once the board approves your application you must appear for an exam and get your license, once you pass it. You can go through the license and exam applications and renewal applications to find out more about the process of getting the license of your choice.

All the licenses must be renewed once in every three years and you must complete 16 hours of continuing education in order to get the master electrician and journeyman licenses renewed. Wyoming has reciprocity agreements with the following states:


For the Master Electrician, there are reciprocity agreements with the following states:

You must fill an application to make use of these agreements if they are applicable to you.

Even when you become an electrical contractor or a master electrician, you should continue to attend courses and seminars, as this can also help you keep in touch with the latest developments in the industry. They will also help you keep your skills fresh, so that you can provide the best services to your customers.

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