How to Become an Electrician in Wisconsin


How To Become An Electrician In Wisconsin


America’s Dairy Land or The Badger is your state if you live in Wisconsin. As with all states individuals performing electrical work must pass the required licensing requirements. Nonetheless, Wisconsin does not certify aspiring electricians on a state level; every district is different and as such depeing upon where you live and/or where you want to work you will need to abide by their specific rules. The Department of Safety and Professional Services (Industry Services Division) gives electrical expert permitting, however its program is actually voluntary. An independent electrician should focus and follow the requirements mandated by the state and the local Wisconsin electrical technician authorizing prerequisites. Therefore, you ought to check with your neighborhood province or city before embarking on any training or attempting any electrical work. Find out how much an Electrician in Wisconsin can make. To acquire a Journeyman Electrician permit, you will need to finish the fundamental hours of work experience plus take and pass the pertinent examination. You ought to have no less than 1,000 hours for every year of experience for no less than 5 years in electrical work. In the event that you have effectively finished semesters in a school of electrical building or another other licensed school, college, specialized or professional school in an electrical-related project, the candidate may guarantee 500 hours of experience for every semester up to an aggregate of 2,000 hours and 2 years required work training and experience. In order to acquire an Electrician permit in the city of Wisconsin, here are the following requirements:

  • College degree or complete a GED declaration. This is required when entering in an apprenticeship program in Wisconsin.
  • At least 17 years of age, have a legitimate Wisconsin driver’s permit and passed variable based math test with at any rate earning a grade “C” in the course.
  • Select an understudy or apprenticeship program that is endorsed by both the U.S. Branch of Labor and state of Wisconsin. These projects might be finished in four to five years and allow understudies to finish coursework and the required on the job training. The textbooks and class room time give the students the theoretical about public safety, math and reading comprehension.


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Concerning the exam, you will need to get a score of no less than 70% in order to pass. The exam usually consists of data contained in SPS 305 and SPS 316, Wisconsin Administrative Code and the latest National Electrical Code. All of these are taken with an open book. Find a school close to you. With a specific end goal to ace the exam, you must also prepare pay for the exam and submit the application to the division no less than 30 days before your scheduled exam date. The fees are for the application expense ($35) and the exam charge ($30). When you pass the exam, you will be asked to pay a $100 accreditation charge. The accreditation, which will be issued after the exam is passed and after the customized certification charge is paid, can be used for four years from June 30th.


The Next Step After Becoming A Certified Electrician in Wisconsin:

A newly licensed Electrician may now perform electrical wiring under the immediate supervision of an authorized Residential Master Electrician or an authorized Residential Journeyman Electrician in Wisconsin.  There are no further studies required as of this moment once you achieved the acquisition of an Electrician’s permit. For more information about how to become a licensed or certified Electrician in Wisconsin, visit the official website of the Wisconsin Department of Society and Professional Services at: Leave your comments and questions below.

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