How to Become an Electrician in Washington

How To Become An Electrician In Washington

American Rome or the Evergreen is your sate if your home is in Washington. Just like all the other states in America, in order to practice or have the capacity to work in the state of Washington as an Electrician, you must be appropriately liscensed. Besides, in the event that you wish to contract electrical specialists, you will likewise need to get the fitting permit as an electrical contractor. Find out how much an Electrician can make in Washington here.


To begin with, you ought to realize that the permitting procedure for anyone who aspires to become a certified electrician in Washington D.C. is controlled by the Department of Labor and Industries (L & I). The L & I is the authorized agency devoted to the security, well being and security of every worker in Washington D.C., by instituting an electrical program with the main goal of keeping every citizen sheltered and safe by guaranteeing that; every electrical experts are appropriately prepared and authorized to perform the most safe electrical work possible and that every electrical work accomplished must be inspected and checked for quality and safety of every citizen of the state. Find out how much you can make as an Electrician in Washington here.

With this procedure, it is important to follow their regulations and prescribed rules when aspiring for an electrician permit in Washington. In this way, L & I is in charge of permitting electrical foremen and confirming circuit repairmen, trainees, expert circuit repairmen and electrical executives to guarantee establishment competency and professionalism, and additionally reviewing different types of electrical establishments and upkeep to guarantee that the public and business regulations are met.

In order to acquire an Electrician permit in the city of Washington D.C., here are the following requirements:

  • The applicant must meet the base age necessities for dealing with electrical and contractor works, i.e. be 16 years of age or much older.
  • Register with the Apprenticeship program in the event that you are enlisted in a formal apprenticeship program. You may discover more data and contact them at the L & I official site.
  • If you have ever had a previous trainee endorsement from any establishment, make sure to get in touch with the Electrical program before submitting your electrician permit application.
  • Pay the pertinent application and miscellaneous expense involved in acquiring a permit with a cost of $36.40 if applying online or $42.30 if applying in person or via correspondence mail.
  • Finally, submit your application to the board and issue the payment for the exam fees addressed to the L & I Board.
  • On the off chance that you have experience filling in as an electrical technician in an alternate state or inside the military, you might not need to take the apprenticeship course. Contact the Labor & Industries office to check whether your past experience is sufficient enough to support your application.

 Find a school close to you. Remember that you will need to supply your tools for your apprenticeship.


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Once you have taken the exam you need to wait for the results which will be sent to your given home address in the application form. But in case you fail to pass a part of the exam, you may retake that segment the same number of times as you need until you pass, inside one year. In the event that you don’t pass within the 12 month period, you must take the entire exam all over again.

The Next Step After Becoming A Certified Electrician in Virginia:

To turn into a certified electrician in Washington D.C., you must first start as a trainee. As an electrical trainee, you will need to get a trainee endorsement and work under the supervision of an affirmed electrician. You will additionally need to reestablish your endorsement like clockwork until you pass the exam to turn into a Master or a Specialist Electrical Technician.

For more information about how to become a licensed or certified Electrician in Washington D.C. visit the official website of the L & I at:


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