How To Become an Electrician in Oklahoma

How To Become an Electrician in Oklahoma


Many people have a strong interest in becoming an electrician but are unaware of the process they must go through if they want to become one. That is why, most of them end up doing something else in their lives. Sometimes they even start the process but leave it in the middle due to a loss of hope and continuous failure. It is important that whoever plans to become an electrician should do their research and see if this is the right choice for them. Once they are completely sure about their decision, then they should start looking into the process of becoming an electrician. The following is a brief look at how one can become an electrician in Oklahoma.

Firstly, you must at least get a high school diploma or a GED. You should also have a valid driver’s license and a drug-free background. Once you do this, get enrolled in an electrician training school or in relevant online courses and also, start looking for an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship period is usually 4 years long. To acquire a respectable apprenticeship, you should get in touch with electricians in your area to help you or contact organizations such as The Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC) and Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) or The Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).  Some electrician training schools also provide apprenticeships so you can get in touch with them too. However, you should make sure that the programs are accredited by the Oklahoma State Construction Industries Board, so that your training hours are counted. In this way, you will get first-hand experience about the situations that an electrician faces and what a particular day in the life of an electrician looks like, which is very beneficial. Additionally, if you want your apprentice certificate to be issued, then you must get registered with Oklahoma State Construction Industries Board, the licensing department as an Apprentice. You will also need to supply your own tools for your apprenticeship.


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In order to work as an electrician in Oklahoma, you must get licensed. Some of the general requirements for getting a license are that: you must be 18 years old, have 2,000 hours of electrical trade experience, have passed a national background check and have also qualified in an electrician exam. The exams are administered by PSI and the licenses are approved by the Oklahoma State Construction Industries Board. You can either get an unlimited Journeyman license, an Electrical Contractor License (limited or unlimited), a Residential Electrical Journeyman or a residential electrical contractor license in this state, depending upon your preferences, although the application process is the same for all the licenses. Information related to the requirements, exams and the application form is available here.

All the licenses must be renewed annually on the last day, in the birth month of the licensee. You must complete a state approved number of hours of continuing education in order to get your renewal. As far as reciprocity agreements are concerned, Oklahoma has agreements for reciprocity with the following states:

Once you get licensed and have enough experience, you can start supervising apprentices and journeyman electricians and also become a master electrician which can help you get highly paid jobs


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