How to Become an Electrician in New York

How to Become an Electrician in New York


In order to become an electrician you must be licensed but before you do that, you must fulfill the educational and work experience requirements. In New York there are no statewide licenses, instead most municipalities, towns and counties have their own local licenses therefore you should contact the relevant department in your local jurisdiction to know the process of becoming an electrician in the area you are interested in.

However, first you must go through the steps of obtaining a license that are:

-Get a high school diploma or a GED.

-Enroll in an electrician training school in order to complete the classroom training requirements and to get the necessary knowledge about different aspects of becoming an electrician including the various codes especially the National Electric Code (NEC) which you can find on Amazon.

Apply for an apprenticeship program, which is around four years long and helps you get the practical experience necessary for you to succeed as an electrician. You get to work under the supervision of master electricians and contractors who have years of experience and this serves as a great learning opportunity. Many electrician training schools offer apprenticeships so you can contact them as well as organizations such as The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry and the local chapter of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC)You will also need to make sure that you supply your own tools for your apprenticeship as this is a requirement.


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Once you get done with your apprenticeship you must pass the licensing exam of your particular region and provide a completed license application and relevant documents certifying your work history and passing score.

The following is a brief look at the licenses offered in New York City. The licenses here are issued by the city’s Building Departments and you can get either a master electrician license or a special license. In order to get either of these licenses you must first pass an exam, which is relatively easy to do if you are genuinely interested in becoming an electrician and put in the time required study time. Apart from the exam, you must also pass a background investigation, which involves the submission of some documents to the Licensing Unit of NYC Department of Buildings.

Once you pass the exam and the background investigation, you must then submit an application and wait for it to get approved in order to acquire your license. This license must be renewed annually. You can find in-depth information about fees, renewals, applications, exams and other requirements for both these licenses here.

Master electricians are highly trained professionals and this is the highest post one can achieve as an electrician. It comes with a range of responsibilities including supervising journeyman and apprentices, approving the electrical wiring of new buildings and leading various projects. This is a highly paid position, but one needs to have strong problem solving and analytical skills to succeed at this point. One should also stay updated with all the recent developments in their field by attending seminars and courses.

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