How to Become an Electrician in New Hampshire

How to Become an Electrician in New Hampshire


Electricians have a rather straightforward career progression. With time and experience, the individual moves on from an apprentice to a journeyman electrician (a licensed electrician) and then becomes a contractor or a master electrician depending on his or her career goals. Therefore, all you need to do to succeed in this field is to be determined to put in the required effort and be passionate about the work you do. If you are planning to become an electrician in New Hampshire then you must follow the following procedure.

First, get a high school diploma or its equivalent so that you can become eligible to enroll in electrician training schools and apprenticeship programs. Getting into a good apprenticeship program is very crucial for your career as it is during this period that you learn all the important things related to this field, when you work under the supervision of experienced professionals like master electricians.

The classroom training is very important so that you are well aware of the relevant theoretical aspects of your profession and it can also help you become familiar with codes such as the National Electric Code (NEC), which you are required to know if you want to become a licensed electrician. The apprenticeship program must be 4 years long and you must have 8,000 hours of practical training and work experience by the end of it in order to complete it.

You also need to complete 150 hours of electrical school training in approved training courses as part of your apprenticeship. Additionally you must get registered as an apprentice with the New Hampshire Electrician’s Board. All the relevant details regarding the apprenticeship are available at their website. You will also need to provide your own tools for your apprenticeship.

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Once you complete your apprenticeship, the next step is to get a license because it is a legal requirement to get one if you want to offer your services as an electrician in New Hampshire. The licenses are approved by the NH Electrician’s Board and there are three licensing options available the journeyman electrician license, High/medium voltage electrician and Master electrician.

A journeyman electrician works under the employment of a master electrical contractor and is responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing, and altering wires, fixtures and other electrical equipment. Once you fulfill the requirement under Elec 303.01 you must submit an application and once it gets approved, pass the relevant exams to get your license.

To get the High/medium voltage electrician license, you must first fulfill the requirements as mentioned under Elec 303.03 in order to become eligible for the license, then submit an application and once it gets approved, pass the relevant exams to get your license.

Similarly, for the master electrician license, as soon as you fulfill the requirements given under Elec 303.01 you must fill an application and pass an exam.

New Hampshire has reciprocity agreements for the master electrician licenses with the following states:

The Journeyman License has reciprocity with the following states:


You must fill out a reciprocity application in order to make use of this, if it is applicable to you.

Details about the application process and its approval for each license individually are mentioned under Elec 301 and 302. Additionally, information related to the fees for the different applications, renewals and exams are available here.

As soon as you get the license you are after, you can easily work as an electrician throughout New Hampshire. There is a lot of room for growth in this profession, which is why more and more people have started pursuing this career.

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