How to Become an Electrician in Nevada

How to Become an Electrician in Nevada


In order to be successful as an electrician one must have good analytical and problem solving skills. If you are interested in this highly rewarding career, then you must follow a rather straightforward but lengthy process to become a licensed electrician. The following is a brief look at what it takes to become an electrician in Nevada.

First, complete your high school education and get a diploma or anything equivalent to a GED as this will be required if you want to enroll in an electrician training school and when you apply for apprenticeships. Once you get your diploma, start looking for apprenticeship programs and also apply for online courses related to your field or electrician training schools near you so that you can get the classroom training and the practical work experience, which will form the basis of your career as an electrician. Many people stress the importance of this stage because during this time you learn a lot of important stuff related to this profession, whether its theoretical (the codes electricians must abide by) or practical (the work experience you get under the supervision of master electricians and journeyman electricians). This period is usually around 4 years long and to get apprenticeship you can contact organizations such as The Nevada Electrical Jutl and Nevada Electrical Training Center. Even some training schools offer apprenticeships so you can contact them too. Get the best tools to use as you begin your career as an electrician.


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After you complete your apprenticeship, you must get licensed so that you can legally work as an electrician. In Nevada, unlike the other states, the National Electric Code is not adopted on a statewide basis and only electrical contractor licenses are regulated by the Nevada Contractors Board. However, some of the counties and cities do have their own certifications and requirements so you should get in touch with your local authorities do get to know these requirements. Nevada does not have reciprocity agreements with any other state.


As far as the only state wide certification is concerned, to get the contractor license you must have at least 4 years of experience working as a foreman, journeyman, supervising employee or contractor. Once you meet the requirements, you must submit an application with all the relevant documents and as soon as it gets approved, you must submit the license fee, license bond amount and pass two exams; the trade exam and the Management Survey Exam that are administered by Spinals the contractor license must be renewed every two years. You can find out more about this license here and here

There are a number of career opportunities for electricians as they move on from apprentices to journeyman or specialized electricians and then move on to become contractors or master electricians. One can start their own companies, supervise apprentices, and become consultants for projects so if this field interests you then you should definitely start working towards it because it’s worth the effort in the end.

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