How to Become an Electrician in Montana

How to Become an Electrician in Montana


If you are planning to pursue a career as an electrician, it is important that to realize that you can only succeed in this field if you are completely dedicated to it and have a genuine interest in the work done by people in this profession.

If you want to become an electrician in Montana then you must first get a high school diploma or anything equivalent to a GED so that you can get an apprenticeship and also easily enroll in electrician training schools. The apprenticeship period is very important as during this time you interact with master electricians and journeyman, people who have established themselves as electricians.

This period serves as a learning opportunity and you should make sure that you use it to the fullest. The apprenticeship is usually between 3 to 5 years depending on the duration of the program and for most licenses, you must complete a 4 year apprenticeship. During this period, you should also enroll in electrician training schools or take relevant online courses for which you can credit, as classroom training is equally important to fieldwork.

You can find a number of electrician training schools in Montana, some of which also offer apprenticeship programs, so you can choose the one, which is the most suitable for you. Additionally you can contact a number of organizations such as The Montana Apprenticeship Program and The Montana Electrical JATC to get the best apprenticeships in the area. You will also need to provide your own tools which can be costly; we have put togather a list of the some of the best starter tools sets available.


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The next step is to become a licensed electrician because if you want to work in Montana as an electrician you must have a license. The licenses are provided by the Montana State Electrical Board and you can get the following licenses; Electrical Contractor (Limited or Unlimited), Journeyman electrician, Master Electrician and Residential Electrician.

The limited electrical contractor license allows residential construction consisting of less than five living units in a single structure. You must first fulfill all the requirements for this license, submit an application and pay the required fees to get your license, which must be renewed biennially. The unlimited electrical contractor license, on the other hand, makes you eligible for Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Institutional electrical work. You must submit the relevant application once you fulfill the requirements, pay the fee and get your license that needs to be renewed every two years.

If want the journeyman license you must fulfill the requirements, submit an application, pay the fees and give an exam once your application is approved to get your license. This license needs to be renewed every two years and you must complete 16 hours of continuing education 8 of which should be on code update.

Similarly, for the master electrician license and the residential electrician license you must fulfill the requirements, submit an application and wait for it to get approved, pay the relevant fees and pass the exams to get your license made. Both these licenses must be renewed biennially and you must complete 16 hours of Continuing Education Board approved courses per renewal cycle. A minimum of 8 hours must be on code update.

Montana has reciprocal agreements for Residential and Journeyman licenses with the following states:

By getting the license that best suits your abilities, you can easily work anywhere in Montana and make the most out of this career which offers a range of opportunities.

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