How to Become an Electrician in Hawaii

How to Become an Electrician in Hawaii


Becoming an Electrician in the beautifull (but expensive) state of Hawaii can be a great career. Although it might take a long time and require a lot of effort, if becoming an electrician is something you are genuinely interested in then keep reading to see if it is right for you.

The first requirement is that you must have a high school degree or its equivalent so that you can enroll in an electrician training program easily. Once you graduate from high school you need to start your apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is a very important learning period, which lasts between 3 to 5 years and combines theory, and application to help you develop the skills you will later need as an electrician.

To get an apprenticeship you can contact organizations such as Hawaii Electricians Training Fund and ABC Hawaii Chapter to get the best opportunities. You can also enroll in electrician training schools to get credit towards you apprenticeship. Many of these also offer apprenticeship programs so you can also benefit from that. You will need to supply your own tools for the apprenticeship.


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Once you complete your apprenticeship you must get a license in order to work as an electrician in Hawaii. The licenses are granted by the Hawaii Contractors License Board and you can choose the one you want from the following options;

  • Journey Worker Electrician (EJ)
  • Journey Worker Specialty Electrician (EJS)
  • Journey Worker Industrial Electrician (EJI)
  • Supervising Industrial Electrician (ESI)
  • Supervising Electrician (ES)
  • Maintenance Electrician (EM)
  • Supervising Specialty Electrician (ESS)

In order to apply for any of the licenses mentioned above, you must first submit an application form. Once your application is approved and you have prepared for the test, you must schedule an exam date with the testing service ‘Prometric’ and pass the exam to get your license.

Hawaii does not have reciprocal agreements with any states but in case you have held another state’s electrician license, you must get a license verification form filled by the board that approved your electrician license and submit it to the authorities in Hawaii.

The requirements for applying for these licenses and other important information related to the application forms, fees and license renewals are available here. Since you can only apply for these licenses at specific times during a year, you must also be aware of the application and examination deadlines to make sure you do not miss any important dates.

The exams are around 2 to 3 hour long and consist of 50 to 70 questions that cover a range of topics. These exams are easy if you put in the required effort and if the field interests you then you can easily pass the exams.

Once you become a licensed electrician the next and the highest position that you can pursue is that of Master electrician. If you plan on appearing for its exam then you must specialize in a particular area and get the relevant experience which is needed before you can submit an application form. Master electricians have a complex job which requires the use of critical thinking and other skills and it comes with a lot of responsibility.


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