How to Become an Electrician in Florida

How to Become an Electrician in Florida

Florida is one of the more interesting states in the US, people usually either love or hate Florida with very few in between. While it is  true that it is a great vacation spot there are also several advantages to living in Florida as well. Two of the biggest benefits are no state income tax and mild to non-existent winters. The summers are very warm however more and more people are moving to Florida aside from just retirees and college kids. There are many cities that offer a vibrant life for professionals and young families like, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Naples. Florida is also great for outdoor enthusiasts; from beaches, to boating (don’t forget your VHF radio while on the water) to hunting Florida’s residents can enjoy a very active outdoor life.

The career progression of an electrician is relatively straightforward. You evolve from an apprentice to a licensed electrician and then to a master electrician. However before you start your career you must meet some basic requirements. These include having a high school diploma or its equivalent, having a drug free background, a valid driver’s license and a social security card. Once you have figured all this out the next step is to enroll in an electrician training school or find an apprenticeship program.

You can get credit towards your apprenticeship by getting enrolled in training schools or taking classes online from reputable institutes. This can help you get all the important concepts that you can use later on as your career progresses. You can choose from a range of electrician schools in Florida, some of these even offer apprenticeship program; a comprehensive list is available. You can also find appropriate apprenticeships by contacting the Florida Electrical Apprenticeship & Training (FEAT)

The next step is getting a license, since it is a requirement for all electricians to get one if they want to work in Florida. The licenses are granted by Florida’s Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board which is a part of the Department of Business Professional Regulation. There are a number of options available to you depending on your skill set. These include;

  • Electrical ContractorCertified (EC)
  • Electrical Specialty ContractorCertified (ES)
  • Alarm System Contractor ICertified (EF)
  • Registered Electrical Contractor (ER)
  • Alarm Contractor IICertified (EG)
  • Registered Alarm Contractor I (EY)
  • Registered Electrical Specialty Contractor (ET)
  • Registered Alarm Contractor II (EZ)

In Florida, you can either get certified or have registered licenses. The one you get depends primarily on what you want to do and the certified licenses are more difficult to obtain compared to the registered type of licenses. The certified licenses allow you to work anywhere in Florida whereas the registered licenses can help you work only in the area for which it was approved. You can find out the scope of a particular license here.

In order to get any of the licenses mentioned above you must first fulfill the following requirements. You must have three years of experience in electrical trade management within the last eight years, or four years of experience as a foreman, a supervisor or a contractor in electrical trade within the last six years. Getting an apprenticeship can help you meet many of these requirements. You will also need to provide your own tools for your apprenticeship.


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Once your application is approved you can proceed towards getting your license by either taking an exam or through endorsement. Additionally, Florida offers reciprocity with the following states:

 Alabama  Georgia North Carolina but you need to prove that your skills match the standard in Florida. You can find out all the relevant information regarding applications, renewals and exams for the licenses and all the other relevant information here and here.

Finally, in order to reach the highest level in an electrician’s career, that of a master electrician, you must start specializing in a particular area once you get your license. A master electrician has many responsibilities and it is a highly paid job that takes a lot of hard work, determination and knowledge to achieve.

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