How to Become an Electrician in Delaware

How to Become an Electrician in Delaware


Becoming an electrician is a huge responsibility. In order to get qualified for it there are certain educational and licensing requirements, this article briefly looks over these requirements specific to the state of Delaware and shows you the steps in order to get your license.

The minimum education requirement to become an electrician is having a high school diploma or its equivalent. Once this requirement is fulfilled you can get an apprenticeship or join a training school. By doing this you get a combination of hands on training and classroom teachings which can last for up to four years. These training schools also provide apprenticeship programs. You can also contact the Delaware Department of Labor to get the best apprenticeships in the area. If you start working for a Delaware Board approved apprenticeship program you can get the Delaware electrician apprenticeship license. Remember that you will also need to provide your own tools for your apprenticeship.


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The next step is getting a license. This is important, as you cannot work as an electrician in Delaware without it. The licenses are given by the Board of Electrical Examiners which is a part of Delaware’s Division of Progression Regulation.

There are six types of licenses in Delaware which are; Apprentice, Limited Special, Limited, Journeyperson, Master Special or Master.

If you do not have a license from another state or hold a license from a state with no reciprocity agreement with Delaware then you must apply for it by giving an exam in Delaware. Complete information about state reciprocity with Delaware is given here. Delaware unlike other states that simply list the states that they have reciprocity with has a rather complicated way that they judge reciprocity so the above link is the best way to determine what states have reciprocity with Delaware; however we have tried to summarize below.

If a state with reciprocity has issued a license to you then you must provide full documentation as a proof to satisfy the Board of Electrical Examiners in Delaware. If you are from Wyoming or Michigan, you will not face any issues as they have license standards similar to Delaware.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has completed his Delaware board apprenticeship program and has fulfilled the relevant education requirements then you can apply for any of the electrician licenses available in the area. The best one to get at this point is the journeyperson license, as this will allow you to work under the administration of a master electrician. This is the license you must consider applying for you if you plan to become a master electrician eventually.

There are two more levels apart from apprentice or journeyman in Delaware, which are Master and Limited. You can apply for the Limited Special or Limited Master licenses if you have certain specific skills but do not meet the requirements of a regular license. For instance, you can specialize in elevators, HVAC, refrigeration or anything else and get the limited license.

You must score 75% or higher in the exams to pass and the exams are usually three hours long, and are multiple question format and have around 80 questions. Delaware has completed reciprocity agreements with Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wyoming.

The application and exam fees for these licenses are available here. There is no pre-set renewal fees for these licenses and you get notified of the amount at the time of renewal.

Once you get the license of your choice, you can work anywhere in the state of Delaware. You can work independently, or for a company or under the supervision of a master electrician. Once you have the relevant experience you can also apply for the master electrician certification, which is the top position in an electrician’s career and is highly paid.

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