How to Become an Electrician in Arkansas


How to Become an Electrician in Arkansas


One of the biggest decisions you make in your life is the one regarding your career. If you are good with technology and are interested in providing a service that helps people in the modern world then you should consider becoming an electrician.

In order to decide whether this is the right job for you, you must find out more about it by looking into its particularities. You can find out what it takes to be an electrician by talking to people who are already in this field or by doing your research online. Once you have decided that this is the career path for you, you must look into the details of what it takes to become an electrician. This article deals with this question with the major focus on what it takes to be an electrician in Arkansas.


Minimum Requirements

You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent if you are interested in pursuing a career as an electrician in Arkansas.You must also have a valid driver’s license, a social security card and a drug-free background. This will allow you to obtain an apprenticeship and begin your journey to becoming an electrician.


Getting Apprenticeships

The first level of an electrician’s career is the apprenticeship. You must purchase your own tools at the beginning of it and this period can range from 4 to 5 years. There are a number of organizations working in Arkansas such as The Arkansas Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. and The Arkansas Construction Education Foundation that can help you find an apprenticeship. You can also contact companies and electricians directly to get hired newtorking and meeting new people in the field will increase your chances. Getting the best apprenticeship is important as this period helps you build your basics and refine your skills which can play a big role as you advance in your career as an electrician. Many individuals join training schools or take courses online to get to know all the theoretical aspects of the job, this also counts towards the apprenticeship which is why it is important. A list of electrician training school in Arkansas is available here. Go through this and choose the one that interests you the most and gives you the experience you need. You will also need to provide all your own tools for your apprenticeship.


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The next step is becoming a Journeyman Electrician. This requires getting a license. In Arkansas there is special licensing for security alarm system installation and monitoring. There are a number of electrician licenses options available in Arkansas.


  • Air Conditioning Electrician License
  • Arkansas Electrical Apprentice License
  • Arkansas Electrical Contractor License
  • Arkansas Industrial Maintenance Electrician License
  • Arkansas Journeyman Electrician License
  • Arkansas Master Electrician License
  • Arkansas Residential Journeyman Electrician License
  • Arkansas Residential Master Electrician License
  • Arkansas Specialist Sign Electrician License


These are some of the licenses available in Arkansas. Detailed information about each of these licenses is available in a comprehensive document here. You can also contact the Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners if you have any questions regarding any of these licenses.

Arkansas has reciprocal agreements with Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

As far as career progression is concerned, the top position for an electrician’s career is becoming a Master electrician. You must specialize in a particular area before you attempt to pass the exam. The job of a master electrician is difficult compared to the other two levels; it comes with an increased responsibility but also increased compensation. A master electrician is responsible for approving electrical plans for the infrastructure of buildings and houses and is also responsible for his or her team of workers. Although it is a highly paid job, it requires a lot of effort and time.


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