How to Become an Electrician in West Virginia

How To Become An Electrician In West Virginia

Almost Heaven or The Mountain is your state if you live in Virginia. Like all other states in America, if you want to work as a professional electrician in West Virginia, you must pass all the requirements before you get authorized as an electrician or before being allowed to legally do any electrical work. West Virginia has a fairly basic and direct process for obtaining an electrical permit/liscense. Find out how much an Electrician in West Virginia can make.


The authorization procedure for every electrician is overseen and administered by the State Fire Commission and more particularly by the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office (WVSFMO). The State Fire Commission’s major goal is to give the best conceivable Fire Prevention and Life Safety by the implementation of its five known methods namely; Legislation, Education, Training, Standards and Resource Allocation. As with the Marshal’s Office, their primary concern is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of West Virginia and to lessen the incidences of death and damage to property by making every applicant aware of the structural, fire, and building code laws, certification, and proper licensure procedures to practice their chosen occupation. Find out how much and Electrician in West Virginia makes.

To be able to obtain and electrician permit, apply and accomplish the prescribed form at the State Fire Marshal Office. After you get affirmed, you will have the capacity to sit for the applicable exam.

You will need to totally round out and sign the application and incorporate the payment of the certification cost and make a check payable to the WVSFMO, or else the application will get denied. Please note that debit cards, VISA or MasterCard’s are not acknowledged at the moment.

In order to acquire an Electrician permit in the city of West Virginia, here are the following requirements:

  • You must show an evidence of 8,000 hours or 4 years of active electrical work experience.
  • Show proof of a finished apprenticeship project affirmed by the US Department of Labor.
  • A finished professional course authorized by the West Virginia Department of Education and the complete transcript of records.
  • You will likewise need to give a duplicate of your certificate of finishing of your apprenticeship or vocational course training.
  • As mentioned above, you must be preapproved before getting the chance to take the exam. You will need to submit an application to the State Fire Marshal’s Office to increase support to your application and gain approval to pursue the exam and training.

Find an electrician school close to you. You will also need to supply your tools for your apprenticeship.


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The exams are taken in an open book procedure and mainly focused around the National Electric Code (NEC) guide. You are allowed to bring calculators, textbooks, pivotal keywords and other reference books. Nonetheless, study aides, test prep courses and practice exams are not accessible.

The exams begin on time at exactly 9.00am and you will have the capacity to check-in from 8.30am and thereafter. You will have strictly (4) four hours to finish the exam. Make it a point to land on time because no extra time will be allowed for late comers.

The Next Step After Becoming A Certified Electrician in West Virginia:

All electrical technician licenses lapse on a yearly basis (every June 30) for the state of West Virginia. For your convenience, a renewal notice will arrive at your home weeks before the said expiry date. You will then need to give or mail back the notification along with the corresponding payment in the attached mail back form with envelope. Kindly note that all the application for permit renewal must be post-dated not later than June 30. West Virginia does not oblige any further study or continuing education and course upgrade at this time.

For more information about how to become a licensed or certified Electrician in West Virginia visit the State Fire Commission’s official website at:

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