How to Become an Electrician in Utah


How To Become An Electrician In Utah


The Beehive or The Mormon is your state if you choose Utah as your home. To acquire an Electrician license in the State of Utah, you will first need to pass the important exams. Note that you can’t request a permit without having passed the exams. Therefore, fill and send to the DOPL (Department of Occupational and Professional Licences) the significant application for approbation to take examinations. Find out how much an electrician in Utah makes.

You will need to meet certain prerequisites to be qualified. Verify you satisfy the criteria for the permit you are intrigued by meeting the following requirements.

  • Aged 18 years old and above with a certified GED accomplishment.
  • Every year of work experience must incorporate no less than 2,000 hours and close to one year of work experience might be credited for every 12-month period.
  • For the authority transcript that you will give, verify the school sends the transcript to you for consideration with your application. The transcript must be in a fixed envelope, bearing the school’s stamp/seal on the envelope fold.

If you are applying to take the journeyman/ electrician examinations, you have to provide an official transcript demonstrating that you have effectively finished an apprenticeship program. With that, additionally give a finished Employer work certification (this is appended to the application for support to take the exams) from each of your directing authorized expert or understudy circuit testers archiving no less than 4 years (8,000 hours) of managed work encounter as an authorized disciple electrical technician. Find an electrician school here. You will also need to supply your own tools for your apprenticeship.


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Your application for support to take the exams must be affirmed already by DOPL with a specific end goal to have the capacity to take the tests. DOPL has conceded PSI Online the power to oversee the exams. PSI won’t enlist you for exams unless you have been pre-approved for testing by the state’s DOPL.

There is an examination expense of $72 (substantial for 1 year) which is non-refundable and non-transferable. You will need to submit the expenses straight to the testing organization and on the state where you must take the tests. The test is partitioned into two sections and you will need to score no less than 75% on the hypothesis part and no less than 75% for the code section of the examination.

In case you fail to pass any of the parts of the examination, you will need to retake that failed part of your exam. All things considered, you will need to hold up no less than 25 days between the initial two retakes of the same test, but you must pass all parts of the exam within the period of 12 months.

The authorizing process in Utah is administered by the Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing (DOPL). The goal of DOPL is to ensure public safety and to upgrade trade through authorizing and regulation. It is administratively charged to direct and authorize particular laws identified with the authorizing and regulation of specific occupations and profession within the state of Utah.

All electrical technician licenses terminate on November 30 of each even-numbered year. It would be ideal if you note that in Utah, the permit restoration calendar is not focused around the licensee’s date of introductory licensure. All licenses terminate as a gathering on that day like clockwork. Consequently, the length of a licensee’s first restoration cycle relies on upon how far into the current recharging cycle starting license was acquired. Every reestablishment cycle from that point is for a full two years.

The Next Step After Becoming a Certified Electrician:

As to training prerequisites, you will need to finish qualified proceeding with instruction, comprising of 16 hours amid every two-year permit period. At least twelve (12) of those hours should be considered as your core hours of further study and training. This extensive education is characterized as sets of instruction that covers the scope of the National Electrical Code.

The Utah DOPL website and the information about Electrician License can be found here:


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