How to Become an Electrician in Illinois

How to Become an Electrician in Illinois:


In order to become an electrician in Illinois, a certificate must be acquired in one of the municipalities within since the state of Illinois does not license electricians the same way other sates do. Those who are interested in becoming electricians should research on the types of electricians and the field they’re getting into. To have a successful career as an electrician need to be fit and have color vision besides essential critical thinking skills. One of the best ways to see if becoming an electrician is right for you is get to know a few and perhaps even follow them around for a few days of work if possible. There is nothing more helpful in deciding if you want to enter a career that seeing what an actual day in the life of that person is like.
Electrican Test Prep

Electrician Test Prep


The first requirement to become electrician is to obtain an apprenticeship with a documented 8,000 hours (4 years), which will prepare you for the National Electrical Code test and the future work of an electrician. A high school diploma or the GED is required before attending any of the trade or vocational schools that hold electrician programs. These trade schools also hold apprenticeship programs enabling students to become journey man electricians. Do not forget that you will also have to supply your own tools for your apprenticeship; we have put together some information on the best tool sets for you to consider.  After completing an apprenticeship program and the electrician program, one should study for the National Electrical Code in order to obtain a certificate within a municipality. In preparation for the test, there are useful websites such as  that provide study material. Since there isn’t a state license, you will want to make sure that you go over the material thoroughly to ensure you pass the test the first time. A registration fee must be paid to register with the local government before working as an electrician in Illinois; this will depend upon what municipality you are going to be working in. There is no reciprocity of Illinois electrician license with any other states which is a drawback for you if you feel that you might move to another state one day or want to expand your business into nearby states. To start searching for a job, one should have his or her resume with highlighted skills such as relevant education and job experience. In addition contact the professional network or an advisory from the electrician trade schools.


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The most valuable places to find a job are the job board of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers organization or local newspapers. Besides becoming a general electrician, an electrician can specialize from different areas. Maintenance electricians make sure the various types of electrical equipment are in good condition or modify them such as machine controls and transformers. Electrical fitters are usually working inside buildings fixing the electrical wiring systems and specialize in fitting machines. Then there’s Auto Electricians who specialize in tools and computer systems within vehicles. Mining electricians often work for mining companies and ensure that the specialized equipment is kept in good working condition. Finally construction electricians specialize in blueprint reading, writing code, electrical theory, and installing electrical equipment on outside buildings. Regarding to the advancement of an electrician’s career, experienced electricians may become supervisors, project managers, construction superintendents or master electricians. To become a master electrician you will have to go through more training and pass further tests however the increase in Salary and job opportunities are very good for master electricians.

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