Getting an Electrician Apprenticeship – Tips and Tricks



Okay so there are really no tricks to getting an electrician apprenticeship but below are a few tips and insights into successfully landing an apprenticeship. One point I will make however is that in the current job market do not be short sighted; by that I mean look 5 to 10 years into the future and try to think about how each apprenticeship might turn out for you. An apprenticeship while very valuable is ultimate a stepping stone in your career.


As an example you want to specialize in commercial electrical work but cannot find an apprenticeship in the commercial field; however you are able to find one doing residential work. Some people would say that you need to wait until you find exactly what you are looking for and not to go down a path that is not in the exact field you want to be in. I would say that looking into the future it is going to be easier for you to transition to commercial work after having residential experience especially compared to someone who has no experience. Again you have to do what is right for you but realize that the actions you take today will have a large impact on your future.


Now then lets look at a couple things to keep in mind when trying to get any apprenticeship (not just in the electrical field) – commandments you might even say.


Research and know about the internship you are applying for:


Many people do not adequately research or prepare for the internship interview or even the application. You need to know as much as possible about the guild/union or company that you are trying to obtain an apprenticeship from. The more work and research you put in before the interview or first application the higher your chances of getting the apprenticeship.


Ideally you should have a list of 3 to 10 potential internships you can apply for. Then rank them in the order of most to least desirable (the good ole 1 to 10 system) and concentrate your time accordingly; spending more time on the ones that you have ranked higher. Then you need to do your research on each opportunity an example check list is below


  1. Make sure you are applying for multiple apprenticeships at multiple companies
  2. Google each company/union and learn about their apprenticeship program (you can usually also call and get general information on internships if it is a larger company) how many spots do they have open every year what percentage of apprentices stay on with the company and further there career
  3. Talk to present/former employees ask for their advice and see if they will even give you a reference – probably the most important one on the list
  4. Try to find out if the company is closely tied with any schools; if so and you happened to go to one of them you have a huge advantage already
  5. Try to get a feel for the companies culture I.E. are they an entrepreneurial company that embraces risk takers or are they more conservative – you can often get an idea about this by looking at the age of the company and bio’s of the top executives
  6. When you fill out the apprenticeship application TAKE YOUR TIME if its handwritten make sure everything is spelled correctly and legible – Customize your application/cover letter for each one – These are probably the 2nd most important things to do
  7. Role play the interview a couple times before you go into it; practice makes perfect
  8. Make sure you dress appropriately – 1st impressions count and whether you like it or not you are judged by them
  9. Be yourself in the interview but make sure you show your passion for the field and show conviction when answering questions


Now if you have more than 5 potential internships you may not want to do all these things for each one; again the ones that are more appealing you will want to spend more time on.


Where to find internships:


Aside from the internet and your typical apprenticeship websites if you are attending school that is going to be your greatest source of apprenticeships. Always remember to leverage any advantage you have. You can also go the local Guild/Union meetings and network with the people who will be making the hiring decisions. Ask friends and family if they know anyone in the business and if so can they introduce you. Finally you can call local companies and inquire if they have any internships available; this is the one of the harder ways but does still work. Do not forget to always be building your network.


The earlier you start looking for internships and networking with potential employers the better. Everything we plan to do almost always takes longer than we initially thought. As with everything in life luck does play a role however the harder you work/prepare the luckier you are. Woody Allen said, “Half of life is just showing up.”


Leave your thoughts and comments below on whether or not you found this information helpful and any tips you might have as well as success stories.


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