How to become an electrician info is dedicated to helping you learn how to become an electrician andĀ find out exactly what you need to know to become licensed in each of the states. We started this site because while there many other websites and youtube videos about becoming an electrician there is not one site that has all of the state requirements; along with links to the state websites and school information. In addition we have also complied as much salary data as possible so that you can see what the long term prospects of the profession really are. Finally, we have featured as many videos as possible with interviews from current electricians that will help you see what day to day life is like.

Many people today are looking for alternative careers that do not require a college degree but still have the prospects of earning a good living and being able to learn and enjoy the job. Being an Electrician is one job where you can learn as you work and earn and do not have to go deeply in debt for. Additionally, the pay is good especially if you continue to get certifications or specialize in one area and become a Master Electrician.


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